Irrigation Systems

  • Very sturdy closed/fixed vent roof greenhouse for horticulture,
    hydroponics and floriculture.
  • Well suited for growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers in extreme
    weather conditions with moderate to hot climates. (10°C to 28 °C).
  • Available as: 9m and 10m widths, 5.1m height, various lengths from 15m
    increasing incrementally by 3.75m.
  • Manufactured from high quality, galvanized, steel structures and covered
    with UV Plastic, long life, high strength, woven polyethylene closed
    roof covers and sides.
  • Secured with reinforced cables on each arc along the sides.
  • 50 mesh insect netting is fabricated into the UV plastic on sides and
    fronts. Other mesh grades available on request.
  • Front metal door and plant propagation trellis included.
    Optional extras include: Double front metal doors, Ventilated side
    roll-up curtains. Water tank stand.