Product Info

Verno is a novel fertilizer concept designed to meet the demands of future agriculture. The VERNOTM product line has been developed to combine several desired properties to insure optimal micronutrient delivery and high return on investment:


30% Copper
30% Zinc
(300 g/kg)

A concentrated micronutrient fertilizer for the correction of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) deficiencies. Contains micronized particles of cuprous oxide and zinc oxide formulated with naturally occurring dispersants.

Product Description

  • Verno granules are free-flowing and essentially non-dusty.
  • Verno contains micronized particles of essential micronutrients.
  • Verno adheres strongly to leaves and plant surfaces.
  • Verno provides a reservoir of slow-release micronutrients.
  • Verno disperses rapidly in water for a stable suspension.